Arena Fields For Developing A Champion’s Heart

The TDC is expecting 2020 to finally witness the installation of what we call “Arena Fields for Champions”.  This specially designed synthetic turf field is built on a footprint that is 100’ wide by 200’ long and when appropriate, we also surround the field with dasher board like you would find in an indoor soccer arena.  However, this is an outdoor field that may or may not be covered.  The purpose of providing an arena field is to provide a safe place where youth can run, play, and move their bodies in all sorts of exercise related activities under the supervision of 3 Dimensional Certified Coaches.  3D coaching views youth development through three dimensions: physical, mental, and spiritual.

Fewer and fewer kids are finding places where they can go after school and just have recreational fun and social acceptance without having to join an after school club or team, pay large registration fees, and then commit to daily/nightly practices, travel to tournaments, and the pressure of having to WIN in order to keep an active spot on the team’s roster.  The Total Development Center wants to partner with community advocates to provide an alternative where “All Kids Can Succeed”! We call these places “FIELDS FOR CHAMPIONS” and we have designed them to be used by Special Olympians, and students who are socially and or emotionally challenged, and needing help withstanding cyber bullying and relational isolation.  The TDC believes that all kids were born to win but unfortunately too many have been conditioned to lose the battle for self-worth, self-esteem, and emotional self-control. Youth that are willing to become victorious in confronting their own personal challenges are more than champions for a day.  They become champions for life and they learn the distinction between a Champ and a Chump is ….  U!

Champion comes from the Latin word campionem for “gladiator, fighter”.  The New World Dictionary of the American Language-Students Edition, says the word Champion is also related to the word campus, which is the field where the battle to be victorious takes place.  The TDC believes we all fight our own personal battles especially the battle to maintain a positive attitude. Therefore we aspire to provide fields for their personal “inside-out” battle and for after school mentoring and coaching. Any participant with a desire to learn and grow will benefit from spending time with our staff as we are committed to developing “A Champion’s Heart” regardless of age.