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TDC-Maui-Lahaina FLYER 8-24-2023

Now through September 11th we are collecting items for kids and families in Lahaina. Please join us in supporting Maui's devastated communities as they rebuild while facing the unknown.

TDC-Maui-Lahaina FLYER 8-24-2023


George and Donna Crace 2019

George and Donna Crace started the Total Development Center as a 501c-3 in 2000. With a passion to help people unlock their God-given potential, they are focused on people becoming leaders in their families and communities, and at work, on school campuses, and teams.

As the President and Chairman of the Board, George serves as an academic, college, and career coach, and Donna manages the organization as the Executive Director.

George and Donna Crace 2019

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