How to Craft an Impressive Academic Schedule

How to Create an Impressive Academic Schedule

Your Guide to Catch the Eye of College Admissions In the competitive landscape of college admissions, an impressive academic schedule is undoubtedly important. However, what truly sets exceptional applicants apart is not just good grades, but the ability to excel while navigating a demanding and rigorous academic load. In this article, we’ll delve into the…

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A Pathway to Greatness: High School Showcase Events for Rising Stars

High School Showcase vents for Rising Stars

What Are High School Showcase Events? High school showcase events are organized gatherings or competitions where high school athletes have the opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities in front of college coaches, scouts, and sometimes professional scouts. These events provide exposure and visibility for athletes who aspire to play at the collegiate level or…

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3 Tips to Avoid Senior Year College Prep Stress

How to Avoid College Prep Stress

Maximize Your Senior Year It’s almost your senior year and you’re ready to enjoy your summer break before reality kicks in next fall. Should you have fun this summer? Emphatically yes! There’s adventures to take and friends to hang with. But to set yourself up for the best senior year ever and to avoid any…

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Your College Application Process: What’s Changed

Experience Success in Your College Application Process

The college application process has changed drastically in the past 10 years. And even more so in the past 2 years. Colleges seek to choose the best applicants, but it’s more than just grades. Many high schools were generous with grades during the pandemic, so higher GPAs are the norm. As a result, colleges now…

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Community Service Hours for Teens: What, Why, & How

Community service is a lifeline to many people in your local community. From animal care to disaster response, veterans assistance to building projects, there’s a place for you to serve no matter what your interests. And as a teen, you can benefit in dozens of ways from giving your time and energy to a local,…

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What are Summer Schools and Why Should I Go?

what are summer schools

What are summer schools? Summer schools may sound like a drag, but compared to the regular school year, it can be quite fun! In summer school, you study only one subject at a time, so your experience is hyper-focused and your time investment to get to mastery is shorter.  You can choose from a wide…

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Singular vs. Multi Sport Athletes in Highschool

multi sport athletes in high school

Are you a high schooler who loves sports, no matter what type? You may have been told to focus on just one sport during high school to increase your chances of a college athletic scholarship. In this article, we’ll cover the real truth about single and multi sport athletes in high school and provide tips…

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Dos & Don’ts of Your College Recommendation Letter

Dos & Don'ts of Your College Recommendation Letter

Most colleges require anywhere three to only one college recommendation letter. It’s important to know who and when to ask, and how to follow up to ensure these letters are completed on time. In this article, we’ll explain what do to (and what NOT to do) in 4 easy steps. 1.   Who To Ask When…

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