Uncovering Hidden Scholarships: Your Guide to Finding College Funding

Uncovering Hidden Scholarships

The cost of a college education continues to rise, making scholarships a vital lifeline for students pursuing higher education. Scholarships not only ease the financial burden but also recognize and reward students for their hard work and achievements. While many scholarships are well known and advertised, there’s an entire world of hidden scholarships waiting to…

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A Pathway to Greatness: High School Showcase Events for Rising Stars

High School Showcase vents for Rising Stars

What Are High School Showcase Events? High school showcase events are organized gatherings or competitions where high school athletes have the opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities in front of college coaches, scouts, and sometimes professional scouts. These events provide exposure and visibility for athletes who aspire to play at the collegiate level or…

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Every Vision Has a Mission (2022-2023 Fundraiser)

Total Development Center - Tualatin Field Rental Fundraiser

As part of our mission, our non-profit 501 c3 Total Development Center (TDC) provides athletic teams and organizations a safe place for young athletes to train, learn life skills, and strengthen healthy character based habits that produce personal and team success and Total Development. The 190,000+ sq. ft. field we installed and managed for the…

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We Need You

As the year draws to an end, I wanted to thank you for your past support in our mission to help children succeed! I am also writing to share some exciting news and to ask you for your continued support as we move into 2020. As a supporter, you know that The Total Development Center believes that…

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Invest in Fields for Champions

The Total Development Center (TDC) desires your support for our ongoing “FIELDS for CHAMPIONS” campaign. Our mission is to help “KIDS SUCCEED” by developing a positive “Can Do” Attitude, and receive connection to Academic, Athletic, and Artistic learning and training while working with teachers, coaches, and mentor leaders who are altruistically motivated. Six A’s (Attitude,…

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