3 Reasons Attitude Matters (and the Benefits of a Good One)

Benefits of a Positive Attitude

Have you ever been told to change your attitude? Often, it’s demanded as an instant adjustment. While that usually feels impossible because of intense in-the-moment emotions, it is possible to change your attitude. And even to do it quickly. Here’s why a positive attitude is important, how to achieve it, and the benefits of a positive attitude you will reap as a reward.

Why You Need a Positive Attitude

Attitude matters for so many reasons. Not only does it make you a pleasure to be around, it can help you succeed in life. And the best thing? You’re in total control of the attitude you choose to have. So whether you’re facing a huge challenge or don’t know your next steps, a positive attitude can help you figure things out. Here are 3 top reasons:

Helps You Learn

A positive attitude opens the mind and allows you to entertain new thoughts and more creative solutions. A Stanford study says that your outlook on learning is just as important as your IQ. They discovered that when you have a positive attitude towards something, your brain that deals with memory and learning gets extremely active. 

Reduces Stress

Your attitude is often a reflection of the way you talk to yourself. When that voice in your head is critical of your own actions, you may find yourself going down a rabbit trail of self-sabotage. And mounds of stress! But when you speak kindly to yourself and let that voice lead you to creative solutions and positive change, you find yourself in the driver’s seat, better able to navigate any challenge. You lean less on unhealthy coping mechanisms and instead feel motivated to take the next step, confident and stress-free.

Provides New Opportunities

A positive attitude lets you see more than one way forward. It leads to greater productivity because failures aren’t thrown into the bucket of “all my fault.” And because of your ability to frame things accurately, you’ll be able to take more risks. See the upward spiral positivity provides?

One of the Benefits of a Positive Attitude is Enjoying Better Relationships

How to Develop a Positive Attitude

Eliminate Negative Talk

The first step towards a more positive mindset is to eliminate any negative internal dialogue. There’s no magic switch for this, but through practice, you can reframe your negative thoughts. When you face a challenge that doesn’t turn out like you hoped, remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can and determine to keep learning. Keep showing up. Keep practicing. And keep studying. 

If you find yourself stewing on something that went sideways, stop those thoughts in their tracks. Stewing takes energy and only sets you back. Instead, choose to focus on the positive things around you. What has gone well? What are you learning? Where are you headed?

Take on New Challenges

Negative thought patterns tell us that if we fail once, we’ll fail again, which closes you off to new challenges. Look for the opportunity nested within these challenges. You’ll grow. You’ll broaden your perspective. And you just might discover a new passion. 

Visualize Positive Outcomes

Whatever you do, see yourself succeeding. No, this isn’t vain imaginings. Most successful people use this technique, from Olympic athletes to chess players. Imagine your future. Walk through the specific steps you need to take, and then take daily action to accomplish those steps. You can even gain physical strength by using your mental muscles. By combining the two, you’ll be unstoppable.

The Benefits of a Positive Attitude

Healthy Self-Image

The more you train yourself to listen to that positive voice in your head — the one that encourages and motivates — the more you’ll see all that you can achieve. You’ll begin to walk through your days with more confidence and be willing to try more things. 

Stronger Relationships

Instead of being worried about someone’s perception of you, a positive attitude allows you to focus on the people around you and all they bring to the table. You’ll have more fulfilling relationship with others — and not just romantic ones! Life with your parents will take on a new level of value, your relationships with your peers will become more fun, and your interaction with your teachers and mentors will provide much greater impact.  

Clarity on Goals

When you take the time to visualize your future, you’ll gain clarity on what steps you need to take to get there. And if there’s a jog in the path you’re walking, you’ll be able to adjust easily. That positive attitude gives you the energy and motivation to stick with your goals. And it helps you expect to reach the finish line. Even in that AP Physics II class that’s tripping you up and threatening your GPA.

In a world where much may seem out of your control, your attitude is something you can control, no matter your circumstances. Learning to have a positive attitude will not only get you through high school well, it will help you succeed in all areas of life. The benefits of a positive attitude are countless! If you need some direction or want some one-on-one mentorship, we can help. Positive mindsets are one of our specialities!