Invest in Fields for Champions

The Total Development Center (TDC) desires your support for our ongoing “FIELDS for CHAMPIONS” campaign.

  • Our mission is to help “KIDS SUCCEED” by developing a positive “Can Do” Attitude, and receive connection to Academic, Athletic, and Artistic learning and training while working with teachers, coaches, and mentor leaders who are altruistically motivated.
  • Six A’s (Attitude, Academics, Athletics, Arts, and Altruistic Activities) are the guiding framework for The Total Development Center.  Through these six educational portals, we connect with any child who needs support and encouragement to grow and develop a champion’s heart – a heart of character!
  • Providing a space (an arena field), a place where kids can play, learn, grow and be safe helps us to support our mission of “Helping All Kids Succeed!”
  • An all-weather ARENA FIELD is a smaller field built with synthetic turf……think “hockey rink” size!
  • An ARENA FIELD is built on a footprint that is 100’ by 200’ with an 8-foot fence on all sides.
  • The cost of construction is approximately $10 per sq. ft. or $200,000 per field.
  • With a fence around the perimeter of the field, this becomes a very safe place for kids to play.
  • These fields can be dropped in anywhere space permits – can be used every day rain or shine.
  • The TDC provides age-appropriate curriculum for positive youth development on these fields.
  • Kids are designed for play and each activity is led by a TDC trained “3-Dimensional Coach”.
  • “FIELDS for CHAMPIONS” are also perfect for students with special needs. Each field is designed so that “ALL KIDS” can succeed and enjoy the original intent of SPORT, which is to play and have fun!

Please join our “FIELDS for CHAMPIONS” campaign.  Your donation goes directly to our field account and your name goes on the “Champions” donor plaque that accompanies each field that your generosity helps build.  These fields are built with LOVE and provide special memories for our children who are our greatest resource.  The future is created by choices we make today.  Please be a generous giver this year and make The Total Development Center and “FIELDS for CHAMPIONS” part of your legacy.

George M. Crace, Chairman of the Board
The Total Development Center – 501-c-3
Tax ID#93-1292905
8565 SW Salish Lane, Suite 150
Wilsonville, OR. 97070

For questions about donating, contact:
Donna Crace